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2012年より海外での活動を開始、その年の8月イビサ島で開催されたパーティー『SUNNY』において、DAREN EMERSON、DJ MAYURIと共に大成功を納めた。
2014年にはインドネシアのバリ島最大のクラブ『Pyramid』へのゲスト出演し、その夏にはイビサ島の『Pacha Ibiza』で開催されたJohn Digweedのパーティーへの出演、バレンシアのクラブ『Menina』へのゲスト出演など、海外での反響も大きく活動の幅を更に広げている。
2015年には、『Pacha ibiza』にて開催されている「Kabuki@Pacha Ibiza 2015」へダンスショーのトラック提供を行う。


BLACKSHIP is the resident DJ for the worldwide quality Japanese party, “SUNNY”.

The DJ group was formed in 2004 by DIEZONE and KENJI OKANO and is renowned for its groovy drive feeling originating from their joined career best four tracks.


BLACKSHIP debuted internationally in 2012 and achieved great success with the full capacity crowd party “SUNNY” on Ibiza Island in collaboration with DAREN EMERSON and DJ MAYURI.

BLACKSHIP later performed as guests in “Pyramid” Club on Bali Island in Indonesia in 2014 and had further guest appearances in John Digweed’s party in “Pacha IBIZA” on Ibiza Island as well as in “Menina” Club in Valencia helping them become more popular and further propelling them onto the international stage.


Moreover, and only as recent as last year, BLACKSHIP provided the dance show track for and took part in the dance show Kabuki@Pacha Ibiza which was held in Pacha.

The dance show track was highly evaluated with its Japanese spirit embodied in the Japanese flute, shakuhachi, the Japanese drum, wadaiko, geisha and Kabuki.

BLACKSHIP is surely destined to attract even greater attention with its BtoB state of the art team performances as a representative of Japan, both in Japan and overseas.


DIEZONE Kenji Okano(SEU sg)