彼女の勢いは止まらず、2016年9月にはスペインibiza島、KM5で行われた”SUNNY×5 UP”で初の海外デビューにして若干20歳の若さでclubの聖地ibizaでのDJを果たす。
2017年今年の10月には自身2度目のibizaの地でibiza DJ tour としてSUNNY villa party、tanit beach club、のギグとibizaのFM ラジオLOCA FM ibizaへの出演も果たした。
tech house、minimal technoのサウンドを中心に独自のgroove感とアグレッシブなプレイが彼女の武器。

soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/akarimusic_jp

RA : https://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/akari



AKARI profile

Born : 1995 21 years old

AKARI has been interested in music all her life, playing the classic piano, singing, performing in musicals and theatrical art since she was a child.

At 15 years old, she heard dance music for the first time and faced a turning point in her life.
From that point, as she become more and more interested in dance music and the dance music scene, AKARI began organizing and DJing at dance parties with her friends in her hometown of Shizuoka, Japan. When she was 17, she started DJing full time.

For the next 3 years, using her hometown of Shizuoka as a base, AKARI DJed all around Japan, at various events in cities including Tokyo, Nagoya and Fukuoka where in February 2016, she DJed in front of over 3000 people at a fesitval in Zeep Fukuoka.

In search of further opportunities, Akari moved to Tokyo in the spring of 2016 and as her popularity grew, she was given the opportunity to DJ overseas. In September 2016, still only 20 years old, AKARI DJed at the SUNNY×5UP event at KM5 in the mecca of dance music, Ibiza, Spain.
Using her unique sense of groove and delicate mixing, AKARI mainly DJs tech house and deep house.
She also started producing her own music in 2016 taking her first steps as a music creator.

With her hope of spreading dance music further and connecting to the listeners on the floor, AKARI has become dance music’s up and coming new icon.

RA : https://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/akari